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Wolf Blitzer Tries To Trick Viewers – Media manipulates the truth?

Posted in CNN, Wolf Blitzer by just Me on March 22, 2008

Wolf Blitzer is from Aipac and has Dual loyalty

Wolf Blitzer Tries To Trick Viewers With Spliced Video Of McCain’s Al Qaeda-Iran Gaffe

CNN’s Blitzer aired spliced video in support of false assertion that McCain “quickly corrected” Al Qaeda-Iran gaffe

Summary: Discussing Sen. John McCain’s false claim that Iranian operatives are “taking Al Qaeda into Iran, training them and sending them back,” CNN’s Wolf Blitzer falsely asserted that McCain “quickly corrected [it] after some prodding from his Senate colleague, Joe Lieberman.” Blitzer then aired a spliced video of McCain’s misstatement immediately followed by his “correct[ion].” In fact, as The Washington Post reported, it was later in the press conference when McCain was “[p]ressed to elaborate” on his claim and after he reiterated that “Al Qaeda is going back into Iran and receiving training are coming back into Iraq from Iran,” that Lieberman “stepped forward and whispered” in his ear. McCain then corrected himself.  –  http://mediamatters.org/items/200803190012?f=s_searchnd

I have almost completely given up on CNN. The closer the election gets the more Republican analysts they have commenting on Democrats. The endless loop of any bad thing is really begining to wear me out.

Reach Wolf Blitzer at this page:
Ask him if he believes he is doing a good job for either his massive paycheque or more importantly for people in the world who trust him for news. Ask him if he does as good and fair a job as the BBC or the Guardian. Ask him why he did this for John McCain. Ask him if he remembers Walter Cronkite and Vietnam and if he feels he is doing 5% of what Walter did in reporting the news in the 60s and 70s.
Don’t just vent on here where it is more than easy enough for Wolf to ignore you

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