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J Street’s great ad urges American Jews to give support to Israel when it is negotiating with Arabs and not just when it’s killing them

Posted in Political Lobbying by just Me on June 29, 2008

Here is J Street’s great ad in the New York Times the other day, in which it urges American Jews to give support to Israel when it is negotiating with Arabs (not just when it’s killing them).

J Street’ Seems to Be Finding a Niche – celebrating-the-other-jewish-lobby-j-street.html


Michael Bloomberg Endorses McCain

Posted in Dual loyalty by just Me on June 28, 2008

unless he gets asked to be VP for Obama , Michael Bloomberg is Jewish first and so he will endorse a politician that has Israels interest first even if that means America will suffer becouse of it.

he said he will wait for the last minute to endorse someone and has not made up his mind. the moment he see’s Obama down in the polls he will pick MCCain and say he is the best person for the job of protecting America. when i fact he only likes him because McCain will not tell Israel to stop taking land from the Palestinians.

but that is yet to be seen , Jewish groups are pushing Obama to ask Michael Bloomberg to be his VP and you can also see Jewish news casters also beating that same drum.

jewish groups pushing this

Or just watch CNN wolf blitzer

Joe Lieberman The Senator from Israel

Posted in Dual loyalty by just Me on June 26, 2008

Joe Lieberman does not represent the interests of the United States only Israels , and let alone the Democratic Party.

I don’t care that he’s a so called Independent in sheeps clothing, but I do wonder where his loyalties are concerning the United States. He’s such a huge lobbiest for Israel that I fear he gets blind on USA needs over Israel’s

Joe Lieberman is having a not-so-secret affair on his political spouse of the past four decades. The Connecticut Senator — now an Independent, but until 2006 a staunch Democrat, married to the party — is not just campaigning for presumptive Republican nominee John McCain; he is, to even the most objective eye, in a deep state of rapture.

You’d think hell hath no fury like a party scorned, but Democrats aren’t kicking Lieberman out of the party — yet. Lieberman has

Israel committing ethnic cleansing of history and people

Posted in News by just Me on June 22, 2008

Israel ‘committing memorycide’

Part of any ethnic cleansing operation is not just wiping out the population and expelling it from the earth. A very typical part of ethnic cleansing is wiping people out of history.For ethnic cleansing to be an effective and successful operation you also have to wipe people out of memory and the Israelis are very good at it.See some of how it was.




Fox Ambushes Bill Moyers

Posted in Fox News by just Me on June 9, 2008

Moyers is totally that dude’s intellectual superior.

Washington Times – Identifies Pro-Israel Agenda for Iraq War

Posted in Aipac, Dual loyalty by just Me on June 9, 2008

Some day the left will have to answer for the fact that it harbored the neocons for years after the Iraq war proved to be a disaster. I believe this is in some measure a Jewish problem. Even leftleaning Jews like Carla Cohen of Politics and Prose bookstore have a core belief in protecting the Jewish state, and this has made if very difficult for them to drop the dime on neocons– who were motivated by concerns for the Jewish state of a more extremist order. Jewish defensiveness (the Forward’s famous complaint of Walt and Mearsheimer, In Dark Times, Blame the Jews) caused Jews to want to keep this one inside the family; and prevented leftlib journalists from doing the simple work of exploring, Whose stupid ideas contributed to this mess, and how did they form those ideas? – philipweiss.org