Exposing Bias News Reporters

Washington Times – Identifies Pro-Israel Agenda for Iraq War

Posted in Aipac, Dual loyalty by just Me on June 9, 2008

Some day the left will have to answer for the fact that it harbored the neocons for years after the Iraq war proved to be a disaster. I believe this is in some measure a Jewish problem. Even leftleaning Jews like Carla Cohen of Politics and Prose bookstore have a core belief in protecting the Jewish state, and this has made if very difficult for them to drop the dime on neocons– who were motivated by concerns for the Jewish state of a more extremist order. Jewish defensiveness (the Forward’s famous complaint of Walt and Mearsheimer, In Dark Times, Blame the Jews) caused Jews to want to keep this one inside the family; and prevented leftlib journalists from doing the simple work of exploring, Whose stupid ideas contributed to this mess, and how did they form those ideas? – philipweiss.org


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