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Jewish Neocons Love Hillary Clinton

Posted in News by just Me on November 28, 2008

Hillary Clinton works for Aipac

The Weekly Standard’s [Michael Goldfarb] was just as praiseful and more explicit about his excitement, “On the issues, Clinton’s a hawk. Not only did she vote to authorize the war in Iraq, she… went so far as to connect Saddam to al Qaeda… She threatened to ‘obliterate’ Iran (and) on matters of diplomacy, Clinton’s views are not so different from those held by John McCain and most Republicans. Clinton would be a fine Secretary of State for the Jewish Neocons.

Aipac got its moneys worth this election , by pushing for Jews to be in top political roles in the Obama cabinet and pushing for someone that is in favor of sending Billions of dollars to Israel.

  • Hillary Clinton was the wrong choice and will not put pressure on Israel to make peace with the palestinians.

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  1. […] Iran. Its not our War in Israel.. but with people like Clinton in top Cabinet posts this will favor Aipac’s agenda in the middle east , and that’s having The United States being tangled in that hell hole […]

  2. […] that is in charge of national security is gold. then you wonder why the neocons live her so much. The Jewish NeoCon Love her Posted in Uncategorized | Tagged Henry A. Kissinger, Hillary Clinton, Jewish NeoCon, The Jewish […]

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