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Why Jewish Zionist don’t like Valkyrie (2008)

Posted in Israel by just Me on January 12, 2009

the movie is about proving that  not all Germans believed in Hitler’s theology ,  although some did fall for the propaganda like some Americans fell for Bush’s propaganda in regards to Iraq. the Zionist Jews would like Germany to feel sorry for all Jews and live in guilt for ever.


Those who don’t learn from history, are destined to repeat it.

Posted in Israel by just Me on December 30, 2008


tapley:  Israel is like the abused child becoming an abusive parent. We are, and should be, a strong supporter of Israel but, we should also let them know when they are wrong. They are wrong in how they subjugate the Palestinians and they are wrong in how they have over used force in retaliation for what is clearly an Hamas provocation. 

Israel for some reason is hell bent on WAR! Well I hope they get what they want. Because this is the kind of thing that will only INCREASE the spread Terrorism! Hamas will see it Ranks increase. Al Queda will see its Ranks increase. Hezbullah will see it ranks increase. Every Major Terror Organization will on grow due to these Terror Acts by Israel. Terror on brings about more Terror! And Eye for Eye will leave us all blind. Gandi I think.

Israel Killing and maiming civilians

Posted in Israel by just Me on December 29, 2008

Killing and maiming civilians:
Once again Israel commits crimes against humanity through use of collective punishment.
Once again the rest of the world will stand by and look.
Apart from a few harmless condemning remarks, Israel will yet again get away with murder.
No country will dare impose sanctions on Israel.

Who started the killings first after the truce? http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7709603.stm

Still, the US media wants you to believe that it was the Palestinian’s fault, but in reality it isn’t.

see the video youtube.com

It’s a holocuast against paletinians in slow motion.Israeli warplanes killing 145 Mostly Civilians

Posted in Israel by just Me on December 27, 2008

Israeli warplanes destroyed dozens of security compounds across Hamas-ruled Gaza on Saturday in unprecedented waves of air strikes, killing at least 145 people and wounding more than 310 in the single deadliest day in Gaza fighting in recent memory, Palestinian medical officials said.

Israel is a TERRORIST STATE made up of land thieves and killers for zionism.

Jewish Settlers set fires at two Palestinian homes, Attacked Palestinian motorists

Posted in Israel by just Me on December 4, 2008

Israeli soldiers hauled Jewish settlers out of a disputed house in the West Bank city of Hebron Thursday, firing tear gas and stun grenades to subdue the extremists who pelted them with rocks, eggs and chemicals. Rioting by settlers quickly spread to other parts of the Palestinian territory.

Settlers set fires around two Palestinian homes, attacked motorists and burned tires to protest the eviction in Hebron. Others blocked the main road to Jerusalem, and scuffled with police who tried to disperse them. Palestinians reported one person injured by settler gunfire.

The army declared the entire Hebron region a “closed military zone,” barring nonresidents from entering.

Hebron, a city of 170,000 Palestinians with about 500 of the most “extreme Jewish settlers” living in their midst, has for decades been a focal point of Israeli-Arab violence. The biblical city is the traditional burial site of Abraham, the shared patriarch of both Jews and Muslims, and that shrine is a major source of friction in Hebron.


In Memory of Ghassan Abu Tir – Palestine Bulldozer Driver

Posted in Israel by just Me on July 24, 2008

“Ghassan Abu Tir” gave his life for his People. Regretably this is the norm in that part of the world , this is an example of what lengths people take when they cant take the oppression anymore and don’t turn the other cheek.

Israeli filmed shooting prisoner

Posted in Israel by just Me on July 22, 2008

An Israeli human rights group has released a video that shows an Israeli soldier shooting a blindfolded Palestinian man at close range, his arms and legs bound by a high-ranking Border Police officer. According to B’Tselem, the shooting was witnessed by several other soldiers and officers.

Imagine the shit that isn’t caught on film.

Norman Finkelstein: Every Man has The right to Resist Illegal Occupation

Posted in Israel by just Me on July 2, 2008

Norman Finkelstein: Every Man has The right to Resist Illegal Occupation