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Michael Chertoff Secretary of Homeland Security Is Jewish

Posted in Dual loyalty by just Me on December 25, 2008

Jewish Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff trying to be the guy that said i told you so.

The terrorism threat to the United States over the next five years will be driven by instability in the Middle East and Africa, persistent challenges to border security and increasing Internet savvy, says a new intelligence assessment obtained by The Associated Press.

Basically the republicans are assuring themselves this:

if something happens during the Obama administration then the republicans will say he was warned and did nothing.


Bernard Madoff The Jewish Investor / makes the rest look Bad?

Posted in ADL by just Me on December 20, 2008

Bernie Madoff pictures

Bernie Madoff pictures

“word on the web” is if you say Bernard Madoff is Jewish your a bigot? thats what gawker and other Jewish websites [ADL] would like you to think.

The Jewish Wall Street wizard Bernard Madoff and His $50 billion Ponzi Scheme

Posted in Jewish by just Me on December 16, 2008


Regulator Was Warned About Possible Fraud as Early as 1999 but refused to look at the details and the agency did not conduct even a routine examination of the investment business until last week.

Madoff’s business as a middleman, or broker-dealer, was subject to regular scrutiny by the SEC, including a routine examination in 2005

that identified some problems and a 2007 investigation that was closed without any further action. Madoff has been released on bail.

John R. Wing, known as Rusty, a lawyer for Peter Madoff Bernard Madoff’s son , said on Monday that investigators had advised Peter that he was a target in the case, and that he expected to cooperate with investigators.

Peter Madoff was the firm’s general counsel, while Andrew, 42, and Mark Madoff, 44, supervised the firm’s stock-trading desks, . Both have worked at the firm since their 20s.

Bernard Madoff told his sons that the trading was being done through European counterparties, according to several people familiar with the history of the firm.

The firm’s stock traders and other support staff worked on the 18th and 19th floors, where they were supervised by Peter, Andrew and Mark Madoff.

Jewish Neocons Love Hillary Clinton

Posted in News by just Me on November 28, 2008

Hillary Clinton works for Aipac

The Weekly Standard’s [Michael Goldfarb] was just as praiseful and more explicit about his excitement, “On the issues, Clinton’s a hawk. Not only did she vote to authorize the war in Iraq, she… went so far as to connect Saddam to al Qaeda… She threatened to ‘obliterate’ Iran (and) on matters of diplomacy, Clinton’s views are not so different from those held by John McCain and most Republicans. Clinton would be a fine Secretary of State for the Jewish Neocons.

Aipac got its moneys worth this election , by pushing for Jews to be in top political roles in the Obama cabinet and pushing for someone that is in favor of sending Billions of dollars to Israel.

  • Hillary Clinton was the wrong choice and will not put pressure on Israel to make peace with the palestinians.

It sounds like a jewish wedding at the treasury – Robert Rubin has a Bar Mitzvah in D.C

Posted in Bar Mitzvah by just Me on November 25, 2008

Even the headhunters for Obama have Robert Rubin’s ties: Michael Froman, Rubin’s chief of staff in the Treasury Department who followed him to Citigroup, and James Rubin, Rubin’s son.

All three advisers — whom Obama will officially name on Monday and Tuesday — have been followers of the economic formula that came to be called Rubinomics: balanced budgets, free trade and financial deregulation, a combination that was credited with fueling the prosperity of the 1990s.

But times have changed since then. On Wall Street, Rubin is facing questions about his role as director of Citigroup given the bank’s current woes.

it’s like asking a burglar how you should protect your house.

“What worries me is there is not one person in the senior jewish group who is the outsider to this club,” said Robert Kuttner, a colleague of Bernstein’s at the liberal Economic Policy Institute who has written a book, “Obama’s Challenge,” about approaches to the economic crisis. “Where is the diversity of opinion in this economic team?” – Kuttner asked from iht.com

Dana Bash Reports Biased News For Republicans

Posted in CNN by just Me on September 25, 2008

Dana Bash and John King from CNN

not really shocking but something i wanted to make clear , Dana Bash has always made excuses for republicans mistakes and press the news towards a biased look in favor of republicans.

On Iraq she plays the same role as most Jewish neocons do , did i already tell you she she is Jewish? not that it would explain everything but it should be noted. i just hope she realizes she is an American first and not an Israeli. for my daily readers i would say to you is we should not be ignorant of a reporter’s background , without looking into it we would not be able to judge for ourselves if they are capable of reporting without biased rants.

In 1998, Dana Schwartz married Jeremy Bash, a senior congressional aide on the House Intelligence Committee; they divorced in 2007. In 2008, she married fellow CNN correspondent John King.

In Memory of Ghassan Abu Tir – Palestine Bulldozer Driver

Posted in Israel by just Me on July 24, 2008

“Ghassan Abu Tir” gave his life for his People. Regretably this is the norm in that part of the world , this is an example of what lengths people take when they cant take the oppression anymore and don’t turn the other cheek.