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Why Jewish Zionist don’t like Valkyrie (2008)

Posted in Israel by just Me on January 12, 2009

the movie is about proving that  not all Germans believed in Hitler’s theology ,  although some did fall for the propaganda like some Americans fell for Bush’s propaganda in regards to Iraq. the Zionist Jews would like Germany to feel sorry for all Jews and live in guilt for ever.


Israel Killing and maiming civilians

Posted in Israel by just Me on December 29, 2008

Killing and maiming civilians:
Once again Israel commits crimes against humanity through use of collective punishment.
Once again the rest of the world will stand by and look.
Apart from a few harmless condemning remarks, Israel will yet again get away with murder.
No country will dare impose sanctions on Israel.

Who started the killings first after the truce? http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7709603.stm

Still, the US media wants you to believe that it was the Palestinian’s fault, but in reality it isn’t.

see the video youtube.com

Jewish Neocons Love Hillary Clinton

Posted in News by just Me on November 28, 2008

Hillary Clinton works for Aipac

The Weekly Standard’s [Michael Goldfarb] was just as praiseful and more explicit about his excitement, “On the issues, Clinton’s a hawk. Not only did she vote to authorize the war in Iraq, she… went so far as to connect Saddam to al Qaeda… She threatened to ‘obliterate’ Iran (and) on matters of diplomacy, Clinton’s views are not so different from those held by John McCain and most Republicans. Clinton would be a fine Secretary of State for the Jewish Neocons.

Aipac got its moneys worth this election , by pushing for Jews to be in top political roles in the Obama cabinet and pushing for someone that is in favor of sending Billions of dollars to Israel.

  • Hillary Clinton was the wrong choice and will not put pressure on Israel to make peace with the palestinians.

In Memory of Ghassan Abu Tir – Palestine Bulldozer Driver

Posted in Israel by just Me on July 24, 2008

“Ghassan Abu Tir” gave his life for his People. Regretably this is the norm in that part of the world , this is an example of what lengths people take when they cant take the oppression anymore and don’t turn the other cheek.

Norman Finkelstein: Every Man has The right to Resist Illegal Occupation

Posted in Israel by just Me on July 2, 2008

Norman Finkelstein: Every Man has The right to Resist Illegal Occupation

Michael Bloomberg Endorses McCain

Posted in Dual loyalty by just Me on June 28, 2008

unless he gets asked to be VP for Obama , Michael Bloomberg is Jewish first and so he will endorse a politician that has Israels interest first even if that means America will suffer becouse of it.

he said he will wait for the last minute to endorse someone and has not made up his mind. the moment he see’s Obama down in the polls he will pick MCCain and say he is the best person for the job of protecting America. when i fact he only likes him because McCain will not tell Israel to stop taking land from the Palestinians.

but that is yet to be seen , Jewish groups are pushing Obama to ask Michael Bloomberg to be his VP and you can also see Jewish news casters also beating that same drum.

jewish groups pushing this

Or just watch CNN wolf blitzer

Ignoring The Elephant in the room – Zionist Wolf Blitzer on CNN

Posted in Wolf Blitzer by just Me on May 30, 2008

Ignoring The Elephant in the room – Zionist Wolf Blitzer on CNN

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